Team Development


Developing Employee Teams

Developing a work group and creating high-functioning teams requires understanding group dynamics models and individual and organizational behaviors. The work of an organization is typically performed by teams. To accomplish great results, you require great teams who are truly collaborative, whether those teams are remote, ad-hoc, departmental or globally situated. The differences in backgrounds and styles of team members create divergent thinking. That’s great for innovation, but if not skillfully navigated it can also create conflicts, misunderstanding and less than stellar communication, resulting in compromised performance. These differences are further exacerbated by greater cultural and generational diversity in the workplace than existed in years prior. Diversity is a great thing; however, it must be managed, and groups with varying personalities in addition to cultural and worldview differences require guidance.

Hureco Maverick’s Approach

Our expert human resource consultants can support your organization by assessing your teams using several methodologies to measure and enhance team effectiveness including the following: observations; team effectiveness instruments; employee engagement tools; facilitated talent assessments; role analysis; 360 degree behavior assessments; team meetings; guided group discussions; individual and team surveys and interviews; trainings; and how-to action-oriented workshops. Our methodologies help improve team cohesion and therefore organizational performance.

We will implement team-building activities and make recommendations on how to maintain group cohesion, once established. Our organizational development consultants have worked with every personality type throughout the major industries, so we know which team development plans work best. We offer a fully customized approach for your unique team’s dynamics and needs.

Get your teams to the performing stage as quickly as possible by contacting Hureco Maverick today for more information.