Strategic Workforce Planning

shutterstock_229729531The term “workforce planning” has been used to represent many different aspects of talent management; however, strategic workforce planning uses quantitative processes in which data is used in qualitative decision-making that informs and can transform your organizational strategy. Strategic workforce planning includes activities such as labor demands, projected growth, headcount planning, workforce analytics, and succession and career planning.

Why is Strategic Workforce Planning so Important?

Studies suggest that up to 80% of your organization’s assets are intangible and are increasingly based on human capital. Despite recruiting and training budgets being at a premium, every hire is a critical business decision that must be guided by business strategy. Your strategic workforce plan is the blueprint that informs and guides that strategy. Change occurs within specific departments and throughout the organization; are you proactively planning for these changes? Strategic workforce planning is a key tool that every business leader needs to have in their toolbox; together let’s proactively plan for workforce changes.

The Partnership

Strategic workforce planning adds strategic value by turning strategy into actionable items, and focuses on the spatial horizon of a few years to ensure organizational success. Your talent practices must be optimal for the now and into the future. Our expert workforce planners have years of experience creating people strategies. We will share best practice methodologies and powerful tools that will provide these insights and more:

  • Strategy in alignment with mission of the organization
  • Forecasting strategies/demand planning
  • Segmentation for better asset portfolio management
  • Partnering with business leaders in implementing the plan
  • Mitigation of risks in projecting into uncertain futures
  • Measuring progress and determining ROI

When you invest in strategic workforce development, you invest in human capital, and Hureco Maverick wants to show you how to get the best return on that investment!

Start forecasting your workforce for tomorrow by connecting with Hureco Maverick today.