Performance Feedback Systems

Performance Feedback

For effective talent management, NYC organizations need to implement performance feedback systems that promote constructive coaching and training. While preestablished programs may be useful, they are often generic and do not address the performance management needs of all organizations. Our experts understand that your non-profit or business has unique performance goals, and we know that you need a customizable performance feedback system that addresses and monitors what matters most to your organization.

Strategies for Managing Employee Performance

Reviewing human capital and performance starts with identifying goals for every employee. By establishing measurable performance goals that are closely tied to organizational goals, employee appraisals can be conducted effectively. Once human resources and/or division managers identify performance benchmarks for employees at all levels, they should share this information via one-on-one coaching sessions using Individual Development Plans. These plans and reports allow employees to work on individual performance goals, while simultaneously striving to achieve organizational goals. During employee reviews, performance benchmark reports can help HR and managers provide constructive feedback on what employees are doing well and how they can improve. Likewise, if employees routinely receive individualized reports, they can manage and monitor their own progress and make changes as needed to reach milestone objectives.

Improving Performance by Exploring Employee Feedback

Our consultants will design systems that encourage a complete approach. While feedback from direct supervisors is important, exploring feedback from peers, clients, and subordinates is also essential. Feedback from all groups shows a more accurate view of each employee’s performance levels.

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