Organization Redesign

Organization Redesign

You’ve contemplated an organization redesign, but you’re on the fence. You not sure if a redesign will fix your problems. Before voting for or against a redesign, let our experts assess your organization from an objective perspective. We will determine what strategic organizational changes may lead to success, and we will estimate the cost of those changes and your projected ROI.

The Organizational Redesign Process: Decision Effectiveness

You may consider foregoing a formal assessment, and instead decide to make only small, surgical changes. Logically, smaller changes sound easier to manage, but they often prove ineffective. Even though your organization is made of multiple independent groups, all teams work toward a common goal. Therefore, if you change how one team operates, it will create a ripple effect that could cause major waves elsewhere. To implement a more effective redesign change management plan, we start by examining every part of your operation. We work collaboratively with your leaders to identify which issues are impeding your organization from functioning optimally. Next, we help your managers to decide which changes are the most feasible, which will be the best to implement, and how to implement these changes organization-wide.

Leading Organization Development

Our consultants excel in the areas of organizational efficiency and organization design, because we continue to research redesign strategies for businesses and nonprofits in all industries. We have volumes of research and practical application experience that prove which redesign plans lead to more desirable outcomes. Our experts know how to use these proven strategies as a foundation to build a completely customizable redesign process that will meet your organization’s goals.

Let us help you determine if an organizational redesign is the right answer for your business interest; contact Hureco Maverick today!