Group Problem Solving

Group Dynamics

You can’t have a successful organization with few decision-makers or those who will go along to get along, or worse, those who refuse to get along. Smart leaders desire group decision making to solve problems collaboratively. Collaborative work teams are an ideal of many organizations, but one that is not often realized with consistency. A group problem solving process begins with problem definition and analysis. Framing the problem statement and all problem solving strategies in glass-half-full terminology is useful. There are several common conflict resolution strategies, each with varying degrees of utility. Our consultants aim to share our expertise by showing you how to reach group consensus via win-win problem solving strategies; this contributes to group development.

Why Do So Many Groups Struggle With This Process?

Many non-profits and businesses inadvertently disable collaborative work environments by isolating teams into departmental silos. As a result, employees may not have an understanding of how teamwork and their collective roles affect the big picture in achieving the organization’s mission or goals. Employee collaboration is a key element in creating an organizational culture that effectively uses conflict to solve problems.

How Hureco Maverick Can Help

Decision making and problem solving are closely linked and require a plethora of skills. These skills include problem identification, clarity of judgment, resolve in decision making, and effective implementation. When consensus is required, external consultants can guide your teams through required processes. Effective decision making and problem solving is a step-by-step process that can be done in partnership with you or taught in workshops. Hureco Maverick consultants have years of experience in group problem solving methodologies. We are particularly partial to the application of Dewey’s problem-solving sequence. We identify root problems and partner with you to find the optimal solutions to improve group dynamics and organizational effectiveness. At Hureco Maverick we do not believe in one-size-fits-all programs. We recognize that each group functions differently; each requires a customized solution.

Let us show you how to boost your group’s problem-solving capabilities; email us today!