Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategies

Workplace Diversity

Diversity, equity and inclusion are a part of the framework for smart business strategies for improving organizational effectiveness. DE&I in the workplace is a respect for and appreciation of differences whether those are related to ethnicity, gender, age, national original, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion/spiritual beliefs, and so much more. DE&I as core values and a business’ approach permit diverse perspectives that create work styles and work experiences that enhance organizational value. Building a diverse workforce has many clear benefits that go well beyond adhering to laws or creating goodwill. Inclusion speaks to being respected and valued in the organization and creates the right work environment for all individuals to be nurtured toward achieving their full potential. Far too many organizations see diversity, equity and inclusion as an event or events that have end dates, as opposed to a way of being that is embedded into the organizational fabric and how it achieves its work.

A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is not merely a program or a project when done well, but rather an organization’s culture that promotes difference in people and cohesion in the doing of the work. Hureco Maverick’s organization development partners are well equipped in devising inclusion strategies that will improve the group dynamics within your diverse employee populations. We assist in changing organizational culture, resulting in a cultural shift that makes diversity, equity and inclusion real. This shift toward a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion not only helps employees understand one another, but provides employees with a better understanding of their diverse customer base.

Organizational Change: Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices

We will create a best practices model to encourage diversity at work throughout the organization. We will do so by reviewing your organizational processes to determine any possible biases in relationship to recruitment, retention, and advancement, as well as in other salient areas of your human resources management. If there are biases, our experts will design cross-cultural communication processes, including cultural competency training programs for employees and leadership.

Discover how to establish or enhance, build and promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion at your organization by contacting Hureco Maverick today.