Change Management

Change Management

When data show poor customer relations, low productivity, and diminishing revenue, organizations immediately want to make changes. There are so many choices to consider, so how do you decide where to begin? Hureco Maverick recognizes that organizational change management involves a lot of factors and decisions. Our experts can guide you through the process and provide change management assessments and subsequent blueprints for your organization’s specific needs.

Planning Change:  What Is Change Management?

Change management is a transformative process that involves identification, analysis, strategic planning and implementation to address the status quo that is impeding organizational effectiveness and efficiencies. Change management places heavy emphasis on extensive planning prior to implementing organizational changes. During planning stages, organizations must answer these preliminary questions:

  • What goals should the changes achieve?
  • What changes will be the most effective?
  • Who will the changes affect?
  • Who will implement the changes?

The actual transformative process will alter established group dynamics, and may affect structure, operations, and culture. If leaders want to institute change effectively, they must explain exactly what needs to be changed and why to internal and external stakeholders. Stakeholders, whether employees, board members, or shareholders, are all far more likely to get on board if leaders can sufficiently explain how changes will achieve end goals.

Build Your Change Management Plan

Our organizational development practitioners take the guesswork out of the planning stages. Our unique assessment program allows us to examine your entire organization and determine your strengths and areas of opportunity. We partner with you to identify why goals are not being met, and we make recommendations on which changes to implement to meet your goals.

Hureco Maverick uses effective organizational change management principles; make the smart choice and call us today!