Business Process Redesign

Business Process Redesign

Differing Business Models: What Is Business Process Redesign?

Glowing success often requires bold and drastic changes be made to improve organizational effectiveness for your business. Instead of slightly altering business practices, there are times that Hureco Maverick will suggest a business process redesign. The redesign may require the elimination of redundant business processes and nonessential jobs. Current business theories and practices endorse operational specialization. For instance, instead of having one department that performs all business procedures, the majority of businesses and non-profits create specialized departments for each area of operation. Likewise, each business process is distributed into specialized areas and tasks to be performed by various team members. Ideally, operational specialization helps to improve quality and increase productivity.

The business process redesign model questions the validity of organizational specialization. In terms of labor, for example, the specialization model may assign three workers to complete one task. Practitioners of business process redesign would ask if having three people do one task is an efficient use of resources. If not, can steps be eliminated or combined to make the process more economical? At its core, the business process redesign model forces leaders to question what aspects of any organization are truly vital. Anything that is not essential, according to this model, should therefore be eliminated.

Value Added in Business Process Reengineering

There are instances where drastic measures can add significant value to your organization, especially if the redesign simplifies your operation. Our business process experts want to help you identify the best strategies for overhauling your business processes. These changes lead to increased productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, the ease and frequency of achieving quality business results. Let our management consulting teams provide you with a change management plan and a business strategy to implement needed changes. Even if you’re only changing one business process, it will affect every other process and department, and our consultants are expertly prepared to proactively handle these interconnected nuances.

Before you change your business model or tweak an area of concern, contact Hureco Maverick immediately to discuss how best to redesign your business processes.