shutterstock_201516386Train-the-Trainer is an investment in the future of your nonprofit and its employees; however, when there is a larger group to train than your budget will allow, your organization may benefit from training the trainer. Train one trainer and they have the ability to impart their knowledge to many.

To remain competitive and productive the successful nonprofit must recognize the need for ongoing, results-driven training programs. Hureco Maverick’s trainers will train your training specialist, human resources professional, manager or your best orator with the platform and practical training skills needed to be effective. Training is not merely telling or the regurgitation of information. A good trainer uses effective procedures and strategies for transferring knowledge.

The Benefits of the Triadic Training Model

We will train your trainer to assess your organization’s training needs; understand adult learning styles; plan, research and develop impactful instructional design; create innovative and engaging methods and materials; design to encourage participation and collaborative learning; and evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of specific trainings from start to finish, to include follow-up.

The train-the-trainer model focuses on training a person or people who, in turn, train other people at their home agency. This model has proven successful for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The model has great utility in addressing issues of deciphering and converting interventions from research to practice and providing ongoing support to trainees. The effectiveness of a train-the-trainer protocol is unmatched for nonprofit organizations. In-house training is a competency necessary to every non-profit’s human resources development strategy.

Learn about cost-effective ideas for quality training today; give our expert trainers a call.