Nonprofit Volunteer Recruitment Strategies Training


Volunteer Recruitment is an important component of every nonprofit’s to-do list. We will share our expertise of nonprofit volunteer recruitment strategies that are specific to the planning, locating, matching and connecting of a few or as many as thousands of volunteers with your nonprofit organization. Your nonprofit uses its good name and reputation to recruit volunteers, but is that enough? There are also companies who charge nonprofits a pretty penny to recruit these individuals via expensive marketing campaigns. What if we told you that you could find the perfect mix of short and long term volunteers who have a true passion for what it is that your organization does and the demographic that it serves for the cost of one training session?

Would You Say Yes?

Our nonprofit trainers have done the research; have the years of service in nonprofit executive level roles and as board members culminating in their creation of a formula for recruiting these volunteers. We know how to find the hearts, spirits and professionals that you need to fulfill your nonprofit’s mission. Hureco Maverick’s trainers will share how to identify which positions are best filled with dedicated volunteers and how to create a recruitment plan for attracting and retaining this hidden talent pool. In 2019 more than 55,000 volunteers devoted more than one million hours to hundreds of volunteer programs nationwide. Let us help you tap into this invaluable resource for your nonprofit needs.

Our Trainers Will Share With You:

  • How to identify who are (and where to find) your skilled volunteers for different roles
  • How to recruit those who are a match for your culture and mission
  • How to manage a recruitment plan and selection for overall improvement to your volunteer workforce
  • How to best connect with your community to find your volunteers
  • How to grow existing relationships to foster interactions with other potential volunteers

Call now to learn more about how Hureco Maverick’s training can help you to secure the hearts and time of the volunteer workforce that you require!