Nonprofit Board Engagement and Reenergizing Training

Nonprofit Board Engagement

Nonprofit Board Engagement and Reenergizing is our 10-step program delivered in this training developed by our nonprofit guru with over 35 years professional work in the nonprofit sector, in combination with 30 years as a board member for local New York City, regional and national nonprofits. This training is sure to inspire, motivate and super-charge your nonprofit board. There is a lot of advice out there on how best to engage and reenergize board members; however, how many of those suggestions are tested and proven successful? Our experienced nonprofit consultants have devised a tested, extraordinarily successful, and very engaging training program. This program consists of two sessions that can be delivered to nonprofit executives, HR departments, your in-house trainer or directly to your board members.

Research shows no direct correlation has been found between nonprofit board effectiveness and variables such the structure of the board, committee’s professional complement, size of the board or the number and time spent in board meetings. However, the way a board behaviors, what activities it engages in, and each member’s sense of purpose and power individually and collectively are mitigating factors that matter greatly. If you are having lackluster results, non-attendance, increased conflicts or are just not enjoying meetings with your nonprofit board; let us help you ignite their passions again!

Our Training is Designed to Help With the Following and More:

  • Reaching consensus in less time and with greater teamwork
  • Using dialogue, discussion and debate to create excitement and solve problems
  • Devising appropriate committees to engage and reenergize bored board members
  • Creating activities to spur innovation and creativity in brainstorming
  • Facilitating and moderating meetings for optimal results
  • Planning and implementing off-site retreats
  • Developing strategies to ensure that all have “voice”
  • Sharing ideas for engaging members around specific topic areas

Let Hureco Maverick train you on the best ways to create an encouraging and engaging environment for your board members to succeed! Call us now.