Nonprofit HR Training Programs

Nonprofit training, NYC

The term “HR training” can have several meanings. However, when it comes to nonprofit management competencies such as training, nonprofits most often consider “HR training” to be about topics that have impact on their budgets. The goal is to keep more of the funds for the targeted services and the demographic(s) that your organization serves. The formula for nonprofit success is a combination of raising capital, motivating people, marketing to the internal and external environments, ensuring enormous amounts of teamwork, and having the right ideas at the right times – innovation. Our nonprofit training offerings address these variables.

Our Three Nonprofit Training Essentials:

What’s the Benefit in These Training Courses?

As a nonprofit leader, you must understand the changing dynamics in the nonprofit sector. From shifts in demographics to economics, those that create opportunities and challenges; your awareness of how best to address these is the key. Confronting these three topics of vulnerability is essential to your organizational success. Hureco Maverick will help with ensuring that your teams are consistently well trained, that you do not have or aren’t developing a bored board, and showing you how to recruit a gratis workforce that has a passion for your mission, vision and values!

Our three nonprofit HR training courses can make all the difference in actualizing your mission and vision, call Hureco Maverick now!