Non-Profit HR Solutions

Non-Profit HR Solutions, New York

Nonprofit recruiting and training in New York, like any other metropolis, can be a challenging and time consuming process. Matching a candidate with the required skills to your organizational culture within budgetary limitations can be a harrowing feat. Ensuring that your team is properly trained on a variety of topics unique to your organization can help avoid costly situations.

Do you have the highly-skilled and passionate candidates your nonprofit needs? Are your training programs current and effective in aiding your organization’s mission? We avois generic staffing solutions, and gives you a completely customized HR solution for your nonprofit organization that serves your mission, vision and values. Your mission becomes our mission. Our experienced nonprofit recruiting experts will work with you to achieve a candidate match to your culture. Our nonprofit HR solutions experts deliver effective, affordable nonprofit training and development solutions that add value.

The Services Included Are:

Nonprofit HR solutions are very different than for-profit business solutions. At Hureco Maverick, our HR consultants are Board Certified Human Services Practitioners (HS-BCP) and have years of nonprofit HR experience. Whether you are looking for job recruiting or training, these credentials allow Hureco Maverick to approach your nonprofit HR services with significant expertise.

Discover what makes Hureco Maverick’s Non-Profit HR services different from the rest!