THRIVE!™ Leadership Training Program

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THRIVE!™ Leadership Training Program’s instructional design is based on empirical research, industry best practices, current trends, feedback from our clients, and years of business and nonprofit leadership experience guiding organizational competencies. THRIVE!™’s laser focus is on the five pillar core competencies required for any and all businesses and nonprofits to do just that – thrive.

Our training program design is fluid, with the understanding that further customization may be required by the client for the final presentation product. THRIVE!™ is available as an à la carte offering or as a five day training series.

THRIVE!™ Leadership Training Program:

Leading Innovation

The Chasing Clever™ workshop has been designed for leaders charged with modeling innovation and leading change management whether a cultural shift or a new product or service is the aim. Our expert trainers help participants with eliminating barriers to innovation. The focus of this workshop aims at engaging participants in activities that redefine and reframe their personal strategic innovative framework, thinking, and creative muse for addressing complex business challenges, everyday workplace problems and/or for creative projects and opportunities.The trainer will deliver a one-day course that is a collaborative purposeful experience using interactive activities, case studies, group discussion, and innovation tools and resources. Our trainers will help you and your teams to unearth assumptions; embrace risks and the unknown; look for unexpected and uncommon solutions; and simplify the complexities of successful innovation techniques.

Exploration of “habit energy,” both positive and negative, that can either ignite or inhibit innovative abilities will be a concept of particular focus. This session assists with transformative processes that guide participants in becoming super critical, creative and divergent thinkers; thought-provoking questioners; and more risk-tolerant leaders.

Participants will:

  • Assess their personal risk-aversion and innovation behaviors
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to progressive thought leadership
  • Think more fluidly and creatively to promote an innovative culture
  • Improve their critical, creative and divergent thinking skills and leverage those skills to effect change
  • Understand how to implement strategies for creating an innovative culture
  • Learn how to lead innovation via actionable innovation plans for their organization
  • Be innovative and create before the workshop session comes to an end
Organizational Adaptation
The Adapt or Die™ workshop has been designed for leaders who are responsible for contributing to building a dynamic learning organization. Organizations can and do adapt to their environments. This workshop focuses on examining high performance organizations and their ability to learn how to learn via real-world case studies.The trainer will deliver a one-day course, sharing tools for assessing your organization’s meta learnings of developing “the right” skills; acquiring “the right” personnel; and “the right” technology and resources. These “right stuff” items have the likelihood of creating an organizational advantage when new opportunities arise. There is also a meta learning that goes largely unaddressed and planned for in organizations; that is developing and implementing “the right” change strategies.

With brainstorming activities, case-study application, guided discussion and customizable tools for assessing and drafting actionable change strategy plans, our trainers will assist you in creating the foundations of the learning organization. With emphasis on strategic thought, action, and adaptation, we’ll show you how to synthesize experience and perception with effective strategy and critically sound foundations for the implementation of these strategies.

Participants will:

  • Assess their organization’s basic and advanced organizational meta learnings and change strategies
  • Identify and align partnerships aimed at both symbiotic and commensalistic ends, i.e., the importance of linkages, coalitions and networks
  • Complete a strategic change and adaptation focused SWOT analysis, giving particular attention to the external environments’ complexities
  • Learn how the ideals of the five hallmarks of the learning organization can be translated into action by organizations that adhere to them.
  • Identify when and how to change and when to take risks for their organization’s growth.
  • Create a systematic scheme that outlines a three-step process by which an organization conducts analysis, creates their strategy and implements change
Team Building and Team Bonding
The Building Powerful Teams™ workshop has been designed for managers and employees in growth environments that require innovation, adaptation and mutual goal achievement. This training workshop aims to engage participants in activities that increase their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm, thereby increasing productivity, accountability and retention in the workplace.The trainer will deliver a one-day course that explores the dynamics, development techniques, communication processes, and the various elements of effective teams. The focus of this workshop is on collaboration, managing conflict, group problem solving, and handling difficult team situations. This workshop will give the participants the tools needed to improve individual and team effectiveness.

Adults often learn through experience and by actually performing tasks. Certain concepts may be difficult to explain, therefore going through the motions of how to integrate the concepts into an everyday work environment is a more effective learning strategy. With this in mind, the workshop’s activities and exercises are all interactive and require the participation of all in attendance or the viewing of exemplars that are performing/demonstrating the concepts.

Participants will:

  • Optimize team effectiveness through learning how to manage conflict and handle difficult team situations
  • Understand the roles and interactions of individuals within a group for task completion and group cohesion
  • Understand the relationship of having fun in the workplace to being more productive and creative, and to the reduction of stress
  • Be able to synthesize varied communication styles to create effective and balanced workplace exchanges
  • Be able to identify vocal, visual, and linguistic cues of the various social interaction styles used in their career arenas
  • Be able to explain how value positions help to predict workplace behaviors of themselves and others
  • Be able to anticipate and reduce conflict while fostering a collaborative environment
Group Problem Solving
The Tuckman, Dewey & Friends™ workshop has been designed for leaders who are required to solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict, and implement plans within their organizations. This workshop introduces concepts of group dynamics, Tuckman’s group development stages, and Dewey’s rational problem solving process. Additional successful methodologies and decision sciences are covered as they relate to group problem solving.The trainer will deliver a one-day course to broaden and improve your performance by becoming a conflict and problem-solving leader. Via group activities, our trainers will show you how to implement a framework of problem solving methods to use in your departments and/or across the organization. The workshops activities include exercises targeted for learning to ask key questions to gather the needed information; communication skills for optimal group cohesion; and analytical thinking for selecting the appropriate criteria to gain consensus for solution implementation.

Group participants will stretch their capacities and experience growth, face up to challenges, tackle complex organizational problems, find solutions, plan the work and deliver results. This workshop has great utility because it shares how to genuinely solve the problem as opposed to using common and ineffective strategies that leave the problem area addressed but unsolved.

Participants will:

  • Craft a strength-based problem statement
  • Discover root causes to tough problem using a fact-finding approach
  • Be able to conduct micro analysis leading to problem identification in the macro
  • Understand the five common conflict resolution strategies and their degrees of utility
  • Understand and manage risks proactively
  • Practice the steps in reaching a win-win resolution
  • Increase their ability to work within a group to address complex organizational challenges
  • Apply Dewey’s Rational Problem-Solving Process to a real-world case study
  • Be able to implement solutions in their workplace that can be monitored to see how well they’re working, detect weaknesses that can be modified and adjusted and ensure that the solutions continues to work optimally
Performance Management
The On Your Mark™ workshop has been designed for leaders who are dedicated to elevating their team’s performance in the workplace. The goal of the workshop is to increase the efficacy of the performance management process by enhancing leadership’s performance management skills. The focus is on essential elements of performance management such as assuring an understanding of your organizational and unit goals, strategic initiatives, clarifying individual, team and organizational expectations, providing constructive feedback, and developing staff.The trainer will deliver a one-day course that covers the elements of the performance management cycle including planning for performance which requires an understanding of the strategic mission of your organization, coaching and managing performance, conducting the performance appraisal, and rewarding and recognizing performance that contributes to the achievement of organizational, team/division and individual goals.

Activities will include role-playing to provide skills that will enable the participants to give constructive feedback in a way that builds openness and mutual respect, and promotes problem solving, learning, productivity, collaboration, and achievement of critical goals that are linked to the organizational success. A purpose of this course is to provide skills to discuss performance expectations with others in a way that increases their sense of ownership and gains their commitment.

Participants will:

  • Understand the differences between performance management versus performance appraisals
  • Understand the leader’s role in developing, mentoring, goal setting, and maintaining high performance standards
  • Learn to develop “ongoing” performance oriented discussions
  • Align goals with their organization’s business plan and/or mission
  • Help others expand their capabilities thereby increasing their confidence to take on new challenges and work with greater independence, resulting in improved goal success
  • Establish milestone goals and objectives for employees’ increased performance
  • Be able to identify and suggest behaviors that are aligned with organizational goals
  • Be able to coach, assist, and/or redirect employees
  • Be able to develop a high performing culture within their organizations

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