Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

shutterstock_233668123One of the most common and often costly employee complaints is concerning incidences of sexual harassment in the workplace. Incidences of sexual harassment are more than problematic for morale, productivity, organizational growth and your employer brand; they are a liability for the business. Hureco Maverick’s sexual harassment training courses fosters a safe and productive work environment. Gender differences in workplace communication styles and personality conflicts between genders are often mistaken for sexual harassment; however, sexual harassment has a specific definition under the law.

Protect Your Employees, Organization and Bottom Line

Our sexual harassment awareness and prevention training ensures that your employees learn what constitutes violations of the EEOC laws that govern sexual harassment, as well as adherence to your company’s policies concerning. We design and deliver interactive training sessions that will test your employees’ knowledge and understanding of all applicable harassment laws, prevention and appropriate workplace conduct. We cover the simplistic standards concerning violations to the more complex areas of improper behaviors, employee personal liability under the law, and how to report harassment when experienced or witnessed.

Our Expert Trainers Can Help

Pre-tests and post-tests are given that can become a part of an employee’s permanent file for referencing their understanding of the law and your organization’s standards. Comprehension of the law and the nuances of what harassment is and is not are vital for your entire organization for all levels of employees. We will also train your leadership teams on appropriate responses and actions to take when sexual harassment is reported. This sexual harassment prevention training is critical step in demonstrating your organization’s commitment to preventing and stopping incidences in your workplace.

Proactively protecting employee rights is more than a matter of adhering to the law; it is one of the hallmarks of an employer of choice. Let us help you to retain your reputation as a best-in-class employer!