Professional Ethics Training

Business Ethics Training

Hiring an employee requires you to trust them quite a bit. You must trust that they will use their power and access for the good of the organization and themselves. Recent research across industries suggests that when faced with an ethical dilemma over 85% of employees at the largest Fortune 500 companies are not aware as to the best course of action. An employee handbook, policy or procedure, and an on-boarding chat about ethics at your organization are not likely to be enough to ensure the level of knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Do You Know What To Do When Faced With An Ethical Dilemma?

Rather than training your organizational leaders and employees on the rules and principles of ethics, Hureco Maverick’s trainers focus on the practical tools of critical thinking, decision-making sciences, and behavior modification via role-playing exercises and the use of real-world case studies for discussions and activities. The training seeks to provide staffs with realistic, work-related strategies for identifying, assessing and resolving complex ethical dilemmas.

Professional Ethics Training

Everyone is held accountable for ethical behaviors in the workplace; but are you training and developing your teams to implement professional integrity in all aspects of their work? Unethical behavior can happen on any level of business, from high level management embezzlement to interns not reporting time worked correctly. All unethical behavior in business has the potential to disrupt an organization. In situations where more serious infractions occur, employees and companies can face indictments, fines, or even jail time. Other infractions can lead to personal conflict between employees and decreased morale. Our professional ethics training program helps ensure that your employees are following ethical standards and best practices that are a match for your policies and procedures.

You can trust the expert HR consultants at Hureco Maverick to ensure that everyone is well equipped with ethical decision making techniques; call for our training calendar today!