Campus Recruiting

Campus Recruiting for College Hires

At Hureco Maverick we support and strengthen our clients’ businesses and nonprofits with the same organizational tools and resources as those we use for our own firm’s success. That means that we hire talented people to push our thought leadership to new heights. College hires represent a great opportunity to build your organization’s capacity to confront the everyday tasks; but also the new challenges that are created by trends, ever changing technologies, people-dynamics, and the cost of doing business.

The Benefits of Hiring College Students, Recent Grads, Alumni & Interns

The direct benefits to the hiring manager and team/division where the college hire is placed, and the benefits that will accrue to your entire organization over time are too numerous to name. There are obvious salary costs benefits; however, other nuanced skills and abilities are advantageous and should not be overlooked. College hires are self-motivated continuous learners; technology savvy; highly-adaptable; enthusiastic; able and willing to travel; metrics-driven; and cross-functional team members.

Our Award-Winning Campus Recruitment Team

Our award-winning campus recruitment team is amongst the best of any HR consultancy in New York City and beyond; serving national clients with top-notch New York Tri-State area candidates for top schools and Ivy league universities. Strengthen your employer brand image and let us help you to design or enhance your college recruitment program. We have a continually updated database of high performing college hires at our fingertips. Your organizational capacity can be built with the assistance of new and recent college graduates, alumni for targeted roles, and with interns who are eager to learn and contribute.

Hureco Maverick’s campus recruitment team will venture out and cherry-pick the very best college hires for you; give us a call or email us today!