Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs

Worplace morale and motivation

Employee recognition and rewards programs are designed to enhance employee morale, minimize turnover and absenteeism, increase loyalty and improve your organizational productivity. Employers who have formal programs report these tangible benefits, including company financial performance.

Top Three Employee Recognition And Rewards Practices:

  • Create a positive culture of recognition. Train managers and supervisors to support the programs created and to become involved in training their employees for participation from all employees despite title and position. Everyone should be involved in your employee praise systems.
  • Employment service awards can be given as early as the first anniversary of employment. Performance based rewards should be clearly and consistently connected to organizational core values, individual job competencies, and organization goals and objectives. Milestone achievements are recognized and rewarded without use of a formal time-table that dictates when and how you can reward.
  • Leverage the power and visibility of social media by using it to provide instant feedback, create socialization for the workplace, promote and reinforce ideal workplace behaviors, share praise and brand your organization as an employer of choice.

Why Hureco Maverick?

We have created over 50 customized employee recognition and reward programs for clients in a plethora of industries, with diverse staff and organizational needs. We do not believe that one-size-fits-all; that’s why we put a great deal of effort into designing specialized programs that fit your organization’s culture and work processes.

Our HR consultants will create for you a cost effective reward system that is metric-driven, has a tangible ROI, and can be measured and tracked to gauge success. Through the use of surveys, data collection, observations, your and your teams’ input, research, and review of best practices and current trends we create impactful recognition programs! The impact of our programs can be most immediately witnessed with decreased recruitment, training and retention costs. We create a structured online, offline or dual employee recognition and reward program specific to your needs.

Contact Hureco Maverick today and let us help you design the perfect employee recognition and rewards program!