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Are You Ready To Have Your Mind Blown?

We conceptualize and implement mind-blowing company retreats; this is what our attendees tell us. Our events allow team members to take on different roles than they normally have in the work environment. The results are a greater sense of commonality through shared experiences. The impact of team bonding through retreat activities can be felt in your organizational culture via increased employee productivity, heightened employee morale and motivation, and in your ability to increase the longevity of your team. Studies prove that engaged employees are retained longer, experience less burnout and take less sick time – these three outcomes alone make Hureco Maverick’s retreats worthy of your exploration. Truly engaging your employees requires that you have clear goals for your company retreats that lead to measurable results in the workplace.

We Specialize In Creating Result-Oriented Retreats That Are Focused On:

  • Engaging and challenging teams toward milestone goals
  • Bonding and learning with and from one another
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently across titles
  • Optimally balancing task and relationship management
  • Building coaching networks and cultivating group synergy
  • Creating “fun at work” that reframes task accomplishment

Why Hire Us?

Our retreat planners possess years of experience with balancing work and play. We don’t offer cookie-cutter retreats, preferring to do our research to ensure that the retreats we design are best suited for your current needs with your future goals in mind. All of our company retreat activity ideas in New York City are designed and implemented with extraordinary attention to detail. We plan and deliver unique activities for companies and non-profits with groups of all sizes and staff complements. Our company retreat activities are available 365 days a year in myriad spectacular meeting locations throughout New York City and the United States. This year’s event will be the best ever!

Email or call today to discuss how to motivate employees and share your vision and ideas for designing the ideal company retreat for your organization!