Earthfast™ Essential HR

New York Human Resource Services

Penalties, litigation, low morale and high employee turnover are just some of the problems associated with ineffective human resource management. Hureco Maverick’s Essential Human Resource services will help you get it right the first time.

With Earthfast™, you will have expert human resource specialists at your disposal. Hureco Maverick works with you to create total compensation plans; develop accurate, “best fit” policies and practices; and ensure legal compliance. Our HR audits identify needs for improvement and enhancement of HR functions, and ensure compliance with continually changing rules and regulations. From the minds and experiences of New York’s top HR professionals, we give you effective real-world solutions that aid in your strategic human resource management.

Earthfast™ Human Resource Services Include:

These strategic human resource services are all available to you through Earthfast™. With the complexities of human resources administration, our Earthfast™ services simplify your human resource development and management at a price that can be less than the cost of doing it in–house. Many New York organizations underestimate the cost of doing HR themselves by failing to account for the time and resources allocated to researching, understanding and procuring these four HR essentials.

Explore and learn how Earthfast’s™ human resource management tools can get your organization more firmly grounded; call us now!