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We are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), with many hours of training culminating in an examination that attests to our resume writers’ ability to create superb documents for our clients. This examination tested the basics of spelling and grammar, but also our in-depth strategic analysis, thinking and decision making on how best to position our candidates’ resumes for their desired career goals and job search specifications. Application of our unique business insights and pulse-taking of industries and opportunities aid our creation of a competitive advantage for our clients.

What We Offer

Fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) originally crafted resume:

A fully search engine optimized, originally crafted resume includes a one hour telephone interview to gather pertinent information. We craft documents that have a success rate of 91% that you will receive a call from the employers of choice for positions for which you are qualified. Yes, we aim to be effective and collected data from our clients over an eight year period to arrive at this percentage! We don’t write fluff documents. We create resumes that not only speak to your accomplishments but quantify them, showing your measurable successes, and your growth in your career track.

We write from a recruiter’s and hiring manger’s perspective, using SEO tools to establish your keywords. SEO tools ensure that electronic resume readers and job boards – search engine crawlers – are able to find and rank your resume in the top 50 views (on average) for the keywords selected. All major and niche job boards use keywords to find candidates and rank their resumes for selection and calling, including employers who use similar software for their company websites’ employer portals.

Avoid the frustration of not getting the call back for your ideal role; get it done right the first time. Call us now to speak to a resume writing expert!