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Hureco Maverick’s Candidate Fitness™ Boot-Camp

Hureco Maverick, Inc. offers maximum value, flexibility and convenience when it comes to your personal or organization’s training needs. We are uniquely suited to partner with individuals and workforce development organizations across the country to provide on-site and webinar on-your-schedule training that is customized to specifically target each participant group.

Our proven content, flexibility, and expansive, professional staff can offer the training and education that will allow each participant the opportunity to acquire jobseeker skills and develop their careers. Our Candidate Fitness™ Boot-Camp is specifically designed to assist participants who are either new to the workforce, have been unemployed or laid-off, underemployed, transitioning into new career arenas, facing biases and/or discrimination or are seeking promotion by seeking a new employer. Each workshop session provides participants with valuable insight on today’s job market. Our program offers fundamental and advanced skills required of all job applicants and can be selected à la carte for the participant’s or organization’s needs.

The courses can be customized to fit the particular candidate demographic to assist in overcoming the obstacles that they face in finding suitable employment that is a match for their skills, expertise and experiences.

Boot-Camp Courses:

Fundamentals of Resume Writing

A two-day course that teaches fundamental tips and techniques for writing a well-designed and effective resume:

  • Understanding what a resume is/the goal
  • Types of resumes
  • The best information to include/what not to include
  • How to present what the employer needs to know
  • Formatting essentials for a resume to be read
  • Preparing your resume – what main categories to cover
  • Writing your resume – write, revise and re-write
  • Proofreading – an often overlooked fundamental

Advanced Resume Writing

A two-day advanced course that teaches the psychology and technology for writing a well-designed and effective resume:

  • The questions every resume must answer
  • Review of job descriptions
  • The psychology of quantity and measurements of your success
  • Writing a Search Engine Optimized resume
  • Using Word Cloud technology to optimize relevant matches
  • Assessing a completed resume – the 30-45 second glance, what do you see?
  • The Scoop and the Rules: Look at the pretty colors, chronological or most relevant first, how many pages, etc.

Job Search Essentials

A two-day course chock full of job search information and strategy, techniques for managing your time and energy and practical, demonstrative advice on where to and how to search:

  • Action! – organizing and planning a job search
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Purposeful targeting of employers
  • Cover letters only matter when…
  • Faithful follow-up and record keeping
  • The benefits of working with recruiters
  • The Internet and you – where to search?
  • Using social media & networking sites to conduct a search

Fundamental Interviewing Skills

A one-day course that provides a foundation in strategy, communication skills, professional etiquette and how to learn about your prospective employer:

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Anticipating interview questions and developing great responses
  • Developing pertinent questions
  • Understanding the steps of the interview process
  • Reading body language and tone of voice
  • Selling your knowledge, skill and can-do attitude
  • Ending on a positive note
  • One-on-one role-plays between participants to practice skills using an interviewing guide
  • Follow-up and follow-through

Advanced Interviewing Skills

A one-day advanced course that provides recruiter and hiring manager insights into the nuances of candidate evaluation and selection:

  • Learning how to respond to situational interview questions, including the “stress” and “behavioral”  interview techniques
  • Linking behavior responses to competency and past performance
  • How to effectively use the STAR technique
  • How to prepare to overcome objections and answer difficult questions (addressing gaps in resume, lay-offs, fired from last position, career change, age & cultural discrimination, gender biases, positioning your areas of opportunity, etc.)
  • Identify motivators of the interviewer
  • High performance, clarity and confidence techniques
  • Asking for the job

Dress for Success

A one-day course that provides all the tools necessary to present a professional image at a first meeting and maintain a professional presence over time:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the key elements of professionalism in appearance, dress and behavior
  • Apply the principles of effective nonverbal communication
  • Conduct yourself with social savvy and good business etiquette
  • Show professionalism in grooming, clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Understand the principles and importance of “small talk”
  • The psychology of color – wardrobe planning

Mock Interviews

This session focuses on practicing interviewing skills, learning by doing and building confidence. Several recruiters/trainers conduct mock interviews. Participants are asked to come prepared to interview as if it were the “real thing”:

  • Participants practice completing applications for employment
  • 30 to 45 minute interviews are conducted with each participant
  • Individual feedback is given to each participant using a form that they keep for their records
  • Facilitated open discussion of individual situations and interviewing experiences to discover obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Group brainstorming to find alternative approaches
  • Participant leaves with a better understanding of what went well and what areas require improvement
  • Individual interviews may be recorded and shared with the participants for performance improvement

It’s time to get fit, call us today for our schedule of courses and to learn more!