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Performance Management Analysis: Best Practices in Performance Appraisal Systems


A survey of the landscape in the area of performance appraisal and management reveals a number of scholars and practitioners attempting to grapple with and address the inherent complexities arising when trying to capture the meaning of performance management and its ultimate measure and criterion validity. Without a clear definition of what is meant by…


Strategic Planning: An Organizational Effectiveness Essential


Strategic planning can be defined as an organization’s process of defining and refining its strategy, or direction, and making decision on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people. For-profit and non-profit organizations implementing strategic planning may ask the questions of: What consumers do we currently serve? Who are our potential…


Workplace Training: Steps in Developing a Training Culture


Most job applications and interviewing processes are fitted to review the hard skills of the applicant. While it is important to verify an individual’s expertise, credentials and job experience, it is equally important to ascertain a candidate’s ability to exercise soft skills in the workplace. For workers and consumers, soft skills have become the interpersonal…


Tips for Reducing Employee Absenteeism for Small Businesses


Absenteeism is a costly problem for small businesses because it creates a loss of productivity, costs overtime when other employees must fill in, causes a possible loss of business, dissatisfied customers and problems with employee morale. In larger organizations, if one employee doesn’t show up, their contribution or lack of contribution can go unnoticed for a…