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Generations: Employee Training Methodologies for Diversity and Inclusion


In nearly every industry, today’s workforce is made up of people of all ages. Currently there are four generations of people working side-by-side to accomplish specific goals for your organization. These generations are called: Traditionalists (also called Matures or Seniors, born 1925–1945) Baby Boomers (born 1946–1964) Generation X (born 1965–1980) Generation Y (also called Millennials,…

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies: Intercultural Communication – Part II


A case study analysis of a NYC workforce center system and their aptly named Center Challenges Committee (a quality circle comprised of the system’s leadership and managerial employees) serves as the means of observation for Hureco Maverick’s intercultural communications model. Our model aims at building culturally competent leadership and creating diversity and inclusion programs. In…

Global HR Management: Building a Leadership Cultural Competency Model


Organizational development initiatives or interventions are key in facilitating global activities, and as such organization development is one way that organizational training will change in the near future. As organizations increase their presence in the global market, they will align their strategies with employee training and organization development to be better prepared for cross-cultural communication,…